KalkGuard 08 Electronic water softener

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Product Description

This model is equipped with an electronic control unit. Reliable technology that you don't have to worry about.

The method of regeneration is volume-driven. This is fully automatic for the most economical water/salt consumption, the regeneration is only determined by the soft water actually consumed. The maximum capacity of the resin cylinder is used. The water meter is connected to the outgoing softened water outlet.

Compact design that can be placed anywhere, both for the supply of mains and well water. Final hardness is freely adjustable from 0 to local hardness.
Softened water anytime, anywhere. You don't have to worry about it.
Performance at 10º dH reduction: The capacity depends on local water hardness, water consumption and the setting method.
30 liter uitvoering, geschikt voor gebruik door 4 personen, generatie afgestemd op verwerkelijk verbruik. When water is used by fewer people, the capacity is greater and there will be more days between regenerations (rinsing). De lokale waterhardheid kan worden verminderd tot 0º dH.
Water softening already makes sense and leads to savings at a local water hardness of 3º dH.

  • Control System: Computer Controlled: 5 Cycles
  • Filtermethode: Harsfilter / ionenwisseling, 12 ltr. resin core
  • Regenerate cycles can also be run or adjusted manually
  • Stainless steel Bypass ball valve, for easy maintenance and diversion of the water
  • Adapter 240/24V
  • 48 hrs. memory capacity in case of power failure
  • Double overcurrent protection
  • Flow capacity / flow rate: 20.5 l./min. continuous
  • Exchange capacity: at 12 gr. dH ca. 5.100 ltr
  • Salt container content: 15 KG
  • System dimensions: (hxwxd) 115 x 31 x 43 cm
  • Easy to install, connection: 1” thread
  • Applicable at water pressure: 1.4 – 8.5 Bar
  • Allowable maximum water temperature: 40º C
  • Dutch manual available
  • Water hardness test strips are included
  • Excellent after-sales service and optional maintenance contract

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