Shower WC Dimensions

What is the shape of your toilet?

To make sure that your toilet bowl and the shower toilet you want fit together nicely, you will find the relevant sizes shown below, so that you can measure yourself which WC Shower is suitable for your toilet bowl. The sizes do not have to match exactly, but are an indication.

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The fit of your toilet.

In the below we have shown two different images to give you an indication of the two sizes that are most common in the Netherlands.
We offer an extended seat as an option for various bidets.

Step 1: Determine the length of your toilet

This is a general instruction, always read the manual of your shower toilet completely before you start.

Of course we are always at your service for questions or assistance with the installation of your shower toilet or WC hand shower.

First, turn off the (main) water supply and flush the toilet.

Then remove the push button from the built-in reservoir and unscrew the supply hose. Connect the T-connector (swivel T piece) between the water supply and the built-in reservoir. This coupling is included that you have purchased.

Connect an additional installation hose to the T-connector and guide the hose down the left side of the reservoir.

Step 2: Determine the length of LINE C

Line A is the vertical line running from the center point where the bolts will be installed to the cistern.

If you have a hanging toilet, this is the distance to the wall. The bidets in our range require approximately 5 cm of installation space. This is no problem at all for most toilet bowls and the Shower WC is easy to install.

The surface of Line A should be flat for easy and simple installation.

Is this not the case with your toilet bowl or is the distance from Line A shorter than 5 cm? Please feel free to send an image of your situation to: or a WhatsApp message! Of course you can also call Tel: +31 (0)70 221 00 66 A small increase in Line A is not always a problem. There are ways to get the pass right.

Step 3: Determine the width of LINE B

Finally, determine the width of Line B, this is a horizontal line that runs between the place where the bolts will be placed. In most cases this line will be between 14cm and 15cm. All Shower Toilets (Bidet seats that are placed on an existing toilet) that we offer have a maximum width of more than 20 cm. This makes it possible to place a bidet on almost every toilet in the Netherlands.