Benefits Shower WC

A high-quality shower toilet, a competitive price!

Buy a Bidet toilet seat or toilet shower? So many benefits...

Hygiene of a Shower Toilet, Bidet toilet or Toilet Hand shower

Shower WC, Bidet toilet or Toilet Hand shower is the only way to really clean properly. Because only water cleaning really. Allow yourself the 'fresh shower' feeling after every toilet visit. And so comfortable! You only need to take a seat on your (heated) shower toilet seat, and the bidet offers you a pleasant and fresh cleaning. An electronic shower toilet carries out cleaning and drying completely automatically, but all functions can also be operated separately. Of course, a toilet equipped with a bidet hand shower is also a great alternative. Because with water you really feel clean & fresh. Moreover, let's be honest, wiping with a piece of paper is downright unhygienic. Bidet shower offers you top brands of shower toilets and a range of toilet showers. Both offer you real hygiene in the toilet. You will never want to be without it again.

Green choice

More than 100,000,000 rolls of toilet paper are consumed worldwide every day. Millions of trees have to be cut down every year to produce them. Moreover, the production process itself is very harmful to the environment and to CO2 emissions. Each roll produced consumes wood, water and electricity. A Shower WC, Bidet toilet or Toilet Hand shower in your toilet significantly reduces the use of toilet paper. It is an excellent way to combine improving your lifestyle with a contribution to a cleaner world and a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.

Toilet efficiency

BIDE SHOWER bidet seats and toilet showers do not claim extra space in your bathroom or toilet. So even if you don't have the space to place a shower toilet, Bidet shower offers you all the advantages (and more) just in your own toilet. The ergonomic design of the bidets gives your toilet, in addition to extra hygienic applications, also a good look.

A Shower Toilet is a Wellness Toilet

Bidet shower Shower WCs combine the latest innovations in bidet design. Luxury combined with comfort. The anti-slam bidet seat is made of high-quality anti-bacterial plastic and replaces your current toilet seat. The remote control offers you full control over all functions of the bidet: from temperature, position of the spray head, to intensity of the spray and of course the hairdryer function. Everything within reach. Everything for a really clean & comfortable cleaning.


Loss of mobility, both permanent and temporary, can be extremely impractical and frustrating. Especially when something as simple as going to the toilet becomes difficult. Bidet shower also offers an ideal solution in this situation where hygiene is guaranteed without having to rely on others. A bidet guarantees your hygiene and independence in the toilet, because that is something essential for everyone.

A shower toilet is a medically sensible choice

Good intimate hygiene is important for everyone. Especially if you suffer from hemorrhoids, (chronic) bladder infections, especially in women, constipation, itching and irritation or want to prevent this, a shower toilet or toilet shower offers a personal and comfortable solution. Water is a much fresher and milder form of cleansing. Our bidets and hand showers always offer you a cleaning method that suits you.