Japanese Toilet

What exactly is a Japanese Toilet and why is it called that?

You can see it as a modern version of the French Bidet, but not as a separate toilet but integrated into the regular toilet. And of course in Japanese style with many functions that you will not find on an old-fashioned bidet, such as a moving spray head, a vaginal shower function, a hair dryer and, depending on the type of shower toilet, many more options. Now it is fair to state that the electronic DoucheWC is actually a Swiss invention, but because Japan was the first to embrace this product en masse, the term 'Japanese Toilet' has arisen.

If you would like to have a wonderful Japanese toilet yourself, we would of course be happy to assist you. At Bidetdouche.nl you will find all models of Japanese toilet from all leading brands.

Features Japanese Toilet

As mentioned, a Japanese toilet is characterized by the many functionalities it has to offer. In this way, the toilet can be completely tailored to the wishes of the user. These settings can even be adapted to the requirements of the individual user and set up as a profile. Whether you want preheated glasses, a mild or hard jet or a dry blowing system. Everything is possible and at Bidet Shower you can discreetly try out all the functionalities to know exactly what you like the most from now on.

Buy a Japanese toilet at Bidetdouche.nl

Do you want to buy a Japanese toilet? Then it is wise to do this at Bidetdouche.nl. Not only have we been a specialist in shower toilets for many years, but we also have a showroom where you can safely view a Japanese toilet. This way you will not be faced with any surprises if you decide to buy a Japanese toilet. Would you rather contact our customer service before you visit the showroom? Please do not hesitate to contact us. +31(0)702210066 or send an email to info@bidetdouche.nl We are happy to be at your disposal!


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