Toilet Hand showers

Japanese toilet or Luxury Shower Toilet?

Japanese toilet or Luxury Shower toilet?
A toilet hand shower is a hygienic alternative

A sprinkler next to your toilet is the easiest way to turn your toilet into a shower toilet. But certainly no less hygienic than installing a full shower toilet. Because even with a simple toilet shower, you always have a jet of water at your disposal for cleaning after the big errand. And that water is much cleaner and more hygienic than toilet paper, that realization is now beginning to dawn on more and more people. And we are certainly not at the forefront in this regard in the Netherlands. In most places on earth, cleaning with water in the toilet is a matter of course and the absence of it in the toilet is experienced as primitive and unhygienic.

In the Netherlands, the use of toilet paper has become common, perhaps partly because there is often no room for a separate bidet. In the meantime, and it will not surprise you that we at Bidet Shower wholeheartedly applaud this, this old-fashioned, unsavory way of cleaning is being replaced by cleaning with a jet of water by more and more people. And the most chosen method, despite the rise of the luxury electronic shower toilets, is the toilet hand shower. Of course it is the least expensive solution, but not only because of that. You literally have a toilet nozzle in your own hands, so you can clean yourself very pleasantly and in your own way. And important: The water jet itself is powerful enough to clean you properly. So there is no need to 'help' with the hands as with a traditional bidet.

There is plenty of choice in toilet sprinklers. We sell toilet showers of excellent quality, with always a water jet that suits you. You will not only feel relieved after a visit to the toilet, but you will also feel refreshed. Such a hygienic experience every day makes visiting the toilet a small wellness moment.

Do you have questions about the installation of your toilet shower on your toilet or which toilet sprayer is right for you? We are of course happy to be at your disposal.