Laufen Cleanet Riva

No compromise. The best shower toilet in the world. Bidet shower wishes you the best

Laufen Cleanet Riva en Navia

The benefits of buying from the Laufen certified Laufen Partner Bidet Shower

We cordially invite you to experience the blistering freshness of the Riva for yourself in our showroom. This gives you the opportunity to be informed sincerely and professionally about the unique properties of the Riva and certainly not unimportant: the unsurpassed service of Laufen Nederland. Because as the owner of a Laufen DoucheWC you can count on excellent service & support, long after the purchase.
We at Bidet Shower now know from our customers that very soon they can no longer do without a Shower Toilet. So in the exceptional case that a malfunction occurs, an immediate and adequate solution is always desired. With Laufen you are assured of this. The quality and speed of the support, also directly at home, is the best in our country. Bidet shower is a certified Laufen Partner and can therefore always help you immediately in the event of a malfunction in direct cooperation with Laufen Nederland.

Laufen Riva en Navia

The name immediately stimulates and raises expectations considerably: RIVA. Indeed, named after the iconic speedboat.

Not that the RIVA will drive you off your toilet any time soon. On the contrary, the comfort, the solid feel, the phenomenal appearance and last but not least: The perfect cleaning will turn your visit to the toilet into a pleasant wellness moment. A moment of rest after which you continue your day clean and fresh.

Laufen is very late in introducing its Shower Toilet, but with good reason.

The idiosyncratic Swiss company is drawing its own plan
and don't be tempted by competition or hype to launch a product in a hurry.

Laufen Riva in Matte White

According to experts, the Swiss Laufen is the best toilet maker in Europe. There is no company that understands the art of baking ceramics so well and at the same time manages to style the shapes and lines in an unparalleled way. Designer Laufen is launching its own shower toilet. And has now added a Matt White and Matt Black design.

Naturally, we at Bidet Shower have subjected Laufen's Shower Toilet to a rigorous test. Some peripheral functions have been omitted such as heated seat and drying. That could be experienced as a loss, but this loss quickly changes when you experience this DoucheWC. As far as we are concerned, Laufen sets the new standard and for the time being only plays in the highest league where the opponents have not yet appeared on the field.

Laufen Riva in Black matt design

Laufen adds a new option to the extreme High End of the DouchWC palette with the Riva.
Restricting to the vital bidet functions and in no way yielding to design compromises, the Riva is in a class of its own. The superior ceramics, unique firing and anti-adhesive coating (LCC) of the toilet, as only Laufen has mastered, is of course the least you can expect.

Laufen Navia

Cleanet Navia - understated design, extremely user-friendly.

A convincing shower toilet solution from the sanitary specialist LAUFEN. The Cleanet Navia was developed and produced in Switzerland.


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