Villeroy & Boch
ViClean I 100

Experience the ViClean I100 in our Showroom

Villeroy & Boch VICLEAN-I 100
Enchanting elegance. Pleasantly refreshing.

Viclean douche toilet I100 of the most recent Douche Toilet forget the ViClean series

However, it is only the name that has remained the same because V&B has taken a revolutionary new path with the I100.

The elegant shower toilet with the most innovative water jet. Is comfortably cleaned every day with a 'harmonic wave'. The beam that spoils you.

ViClean-I 100 - Ingeniously discreet. Refreshingly beneficial. Eye-catching Design.

With ViClean-I 100, Villeroy&Boch has developed a shower toilet whose revolutionary design always surprises. Because behind the refreshingly elegant appearance – almost invisible in the ceramic – hides a high-quality shower toilet that offers you gentle hygiene with clean water.

ViClean I-100. Available in White or Black (Black Edition.) This is how beautiful a shower toilet can be

Unique elegant design Elegant lines with continuous flat lid to the wall

Precise workmanship and optimum quality thanks to high-quality material combinations (Ceramics – Quaryl® – Duroplast) Focused on the most important thing - cleaning with warm water