AquaClean renovation in 1 day

Clean with water within 1 day

Clean with water within 1 day

Feeling fresh and hygienic all day long, who doesn't want that? So everyone takes a daily shower. But to jump in the shower after every visit to the toilet is going a bit far. Fortunately, nowadays it is possible to always have that fresh shower feeling after a visit to the toilet.

The Geberit AquaClean shower toilet is a toilet and bidet in one and cleans the lower body with warm water after every toilet visit. Within 1 day you can have a wellness toilet in your toilet room and enjoy the comfortable benefits.
A shower toilet is the ultimate in personal hygiene. By cleaning your buttocks with water, you keep a fresh, freshly showered feeling all day long. You can place a seat with shower function on your current toilet or you can opt for a complete toilet with built-in shower function, both can be realized in 1 day.
From that moment on you can enjoy wellness in your toilet. At the touch of a button on the remote control or on the side panel of the toilet, the shower function is started and the lower body is cleaned with water.

Also replace your toilet in 1 day?

Do you also want to have that ultimate clean feeling all day long? Replace your toilet with a Geberit AquaClean shower toilet within 1 day. Only a water and electricity connection is required for the installation of a shower toilet. Both are standard in every toilet room. To know whether it is possible for you in 1 day, it is necessary to know how the preparations for water and electricity are in your space. Check the points below for this. First of all, choose the situation that applies to you: a reservoir invisible behind the wall or visible in front of the wall.

You have an invisible reservoir behind the wall:

1. Water connection
a. Is Geberit on your flush plate? Then you already have a concealed cistern behind the wall from Geberit! This makes installation easy, because a Geberit concealed cistern is already prepared for an additional water connection for the bidet.
b. Is the flush plate 24.6 wide x 16.4 cm high? Then you probably already have the right Geberit concealed cistern. (If the actuating plate is larger, you will need an extra conversion kit with which to realize it. Please contact us for additional information).
c. Remove the control plate from the wall. This can be done without tools, by pushing the plate upwards at the bottom and pulling it forward at the top. If you see the image on the plastic plate behind the operating plate as in the PDF below (see link), then you have the water connection in the right place.

Don't have a Geberit reservoir? No problem, even then the water connection can be made without breaking work. We can do this for you, but with our help and the special connection set it is also easy to do yourself.

2. Electricity connection
Then check whether an electrical connection to the reservoir can be easily made.
a. For example, is there a light switch or lamp on the wall of the concealed cistern?
b. Do you have a hollow wall or system wall behind your toilet and can you draw electricity through it?
c. Or is there a possibility to continue this electricity from the back of your toilet, for example is there a (meter) cupboard behind your toilet room.

Do you have a visible reservoir in front of the wall:

1. Water connection
a. Do you have a water connection on the left side of your reservoir (if you are standing in front of it on the left)? Then an AquaClean seat can easily be mounted on your existing toilet.
b. Just check whether the surface-mounted seats fit your ceramic shape, contact us for a 'fitting mould'.
2. Electricity connection
See water connection under 'invisible reservoir behind the wall'.
If you can answer the above questions positively, then your situation is ideal and your toilet can certainly be changed into a wellness toilet within 1 day.
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