Toilet Handheld Shower Installation

Bidet Handheld Shower (Toilet Shower) Install

Installing a bidet hand shower or installing a toilet shower is an easy job. Below you will find the instructions for installing a toilet shower with your toilet.

Installation video

A toilet shower next to your toilet is indispensable. It just needs to be mounted. There is a solution for every situation. For both standing and floating toilets. It is always best to tap from the water supply to the cistern as it is closest to the point of use.

Flexible hose construction

Flexible hose construction

Sometimes a flexible hose goes here. This is easy to work with, because in that case only a threaded T-piece has to be attached to the cistern or to the stop tap at the wall inlet.
As in the diagram below.

Compression fitting on the pipe

Compression fitting on the pipe

Usually a standing toilet is equipped with a (12MM) pipe. There is usually too little space/clearance on this to place a T-piece in between. In that case, mount a compression fitting on the pipe. There should then be a
piece of approximately 1.5 cm must be sawn out of the pipe to make room for the compression T-piece.

A: Compression piece 12mm F1/2" 12mm

B: Built-in stop valve

See image below.

On existing built-in toilet

On existing built-in toilet

If you have an existing built-in toilet, it is still possible to make a connection to the water reservoir behind the wall. We are
specialized in this and can do this for you without breaking work.
The end result is a (design) stop tap on the back wall without visible pipes, to which the shower hose can be connected. One
situation as shown in the picture below.

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