You always buy a bidet or hand shower too late...

Read the toilet shower reviews and shower toilet experiences from customers and users. Sometimes it takes a while to get used to a bidet, but usually immediately after the first shower toilet experience you feel how fresh and clean it feels. After that, paper just isn't enough. If you've experienced Shower Toilet clean, paper clean just isn't clean enough. Just like with the rest of your body, water is the most natural way to cleanse.
  • I have compared a number of bidet toilets / hand showers. I think it is important that I have a strong jet that also stays warm for a long time. The Popodusche has both. Sometimes I want to cleanse for longer than the standard session and that is effortless. Very satisfied, great device!
    Pauline H, Bilthoven.

  • I see I'm not the only one with this comment, but it's true. You don't realize what you've missed until you have a toilet shower. You really can't miss that fresh feeling. Paper seems so primitive now.
    Lili van der Meer, Amstelveen.

  • Being an expat in this country I was pleased to find a decent company that delivered and installed quality bidet seats. When arriving here I was appalled to find no water cleansing in my appartment\'s toilet. Bidetdouche has installed an excellent electronical bidet right on the existing toilet. Makes my life a lot more pleasant here :-)
    Paul Shortland, Oudekerk a/d Amstel.

  • After a holiday in Thailand, where I became acquainted with the hand shower in every hotel, I was pleasantly surprised to discover that Bidet shower could also realize this privately in the Netherlands. With the excellent service, this was connected 6 years ago and to full satisfaction! Recently switched to the beautiful stainless steel version during the renovation of the toilet! Recommended for anyone who likes fresh, clean and hygienic!
    Marianne Toorens, Leidschendam.

  • Very occasionally you come across something that makes you say: I've always wanted this. Such a simple and fresh way of cleaning. I've had my Bidet Shower Bidet for a week now and I can't imagine ever being without it!
    Carel Lievestroo, Blaricum.

  • My girlfriend was actually the one who got the bidet seat, but now I'm the one who wants to write a reference for Bidet Shower :) This really is something you don't know you're missing until you experience it yourself. That rancid wipe paper is just really primitive and nasty. I only go to the toilet at home. Otherwise I don't feel clean.
    Boy Jongsma, Rotterdam.

  • The anus is anatomically and physiologically a very complex system. Controlling the anus therefore has a long learning period in babies. In Eastern medicine, the anus is an important energetic center. In acupuncture, the 2 main energetic meridians (conception meridian and governor) start at the anus and end at the mouth. For almost 20 years I have been using a mini hand shower in the toilet. A mechanical bidet has now been added. In addition to hygiene for the anus and not to forget the hands, it is very economical on toilet paper. Of course there are also medical reasons why I recommend this to my patients. Common problems in the anus area are hemorrhoids (hemorrhoids), fissures and itching. Less common are prolapse (prolapse), fistulas and abscesses. In both cases, a clean anus is of great importance. To improve blood flow (especially with hemorrhoids), a strong, preferably cold, jet is the best method. The Romans used a sponge to clean the anus, in Asian countries a bottle is often used. Fortunately, we have access to simple and well-functioning water jets that can be precisely directed and dosed. The taboo that rests with us about everything around the anus is a pity.
    P.P.M. Horsthuis, Acupuncturist.

  • There are several models on the market and I looked around as much as possible, but Bidet glasses for EUR 299 can only be bought at Bidet shower. Especially with all those extra features. I am a very satisfied customer! Greetings Pauline
    Pauline Van Traa, Amsterdam.

  • I should have had this years ago. Every day I enjoy my wonderful heated glasses. And never that swipe again. Really, I can wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone. Regards, Ingmar.
    Ingmar, Wassenaar.

  • In Turkey I had seen that almost every toilet has a built-in sprinkler system. In my B&B I receive many guests from the East, such as Japan, China, Taiwan, Malaysia and Indonesia. These people are used to washing themselves after "the big message", so after my experience in Turkey I also wanted such toilets in my B&B. They turned out not to be for sale in the Netherlands. In 2007 I already had a mixer made next to the toilet with the idea of attaching a shower nozzle to it. On to the sanitary store, but what was my surprise: They also turned out not to be for sale in any store. And I still live in the "world city" of Amsterdam. After a long search on the internet I came across your company in July 2009. I immediately ordered one and the squeeze shower head is indeed excellent! I really wondered why the Netherlands is so lagging behind with such a simple, clean and environmentally friendly solution for the toilet. It saves paper, prevents clogging, it feels and is also much cleaner. And ..... you can also immediately spray the toilet yourself after use. A super environmentally friendly solution......and last but not less than a year it is free to use. One thermostat mixer costs around 40 euros, laying the pipes around 100 euros, your squeeze shower head costs 36.70 euros with shipping costs. Together 175 euros. For that you save about 6 euros per week on toilet paper.Annette's Bed&Breakfast in Amsterdam
    Annette\'s Bed & Breakfast Amsterdam.

  • Only now do I know what really freshly cleaned means. So with a jet of water! Really strange that there are still masses of \'paper sweepers\' walking around. Regards, Lonneke.
    Lonneke van der Heide Nieuwegein.

  • Now that I've had my bide glasses in use for a week, I really wonder how I've managed to use that primitive paper for years. Really, this is so much fresher and easier. All I can say is: Try it for yourself!
    Emil Van Brink.

  • I've wanted a bidet for a long time but I thought something like this was priceless. My Bidet shower bidet seat has everything I want and I really don't think it is expensive. Installation was done in 30 minutes, I am really very happy with it every day.

  • Theo Maassen has a nice statement about the use of toilet paper "what we do is not wipe, but smear". I always had a bit of a dirty feeling after my toilet visits and after hearing this statement I started with the well-known toilet bottle. That bottle drove me crazy so I started looking for an alternative. I had no room for a bidet and then I heard about Bidet Shower. had to swallow when I saw the price but then I compared it with other brands and this one was the cheapest. Once installed I can hardly live without it. the only downside is that I don't want to go to the toilet anywhere else. I think it's really great. thanks. Robert Jan Wiersma The Hague
    Robert Jan Wiersma.

  • On my way to Australia with a stopover at the airport in Kuala Lumpur I saw toilets with the Bidet shower system. After a long flight it was a refreshment to use a toilet this way. Back in Holland I immediately had the Bidet shower system installed at my home. Now I wonder how I ever managed without it. My friends and acquaintances are just as excited.
    Christine Knuppe, Haaksbergen.

  • The water bottle, which was already in the toilet with us, can be left out. The Bidet shower system is much more convenient. I have been living in the Netherlands for 30 years and only now did I come across this product, really great!
    Mulyani S, Voorburg.

  • At our nursing home we have recently installed Bidet shower sprays in the toilets. As a nurse I can say that it has become much easier for me to help a patient clean after going to the toilet. Thank you!
    Rita D, IJmuiden.

  • We almost bought such a bidet seat for 600 EURO when we heard about the Bidet shower system. Much cheaper and it just cleans much better because you can control the jet yourself. Entirely right! Thank you!
    family V, Amstelveen.

  • I used to use about a whole roll of toilet paper at a time and now only a few sheets. I believe I've been waiting for a Bidet Shower System for years without even realizing it!
    John van Willingen, Amsterdam.

  • I used to think only using toilet paper was not really fresh, so I walked to the bathroom with my pants around my ankles to rinse myself with the shower. Now I have a compact spray gun within reach in the toilet. Ideal!
    Hans van T, Lisse.

  • During my pregnancy I suddenly suffered from hemorrhoids and it was already more difficult to clean myself because of my size. Bidet shower now gives me a quick and fresh cleanse and relieves the burning sensation after going to the toilet.
    Mrs. F. van G, Heemstede.

  • I saw your system at a friend's house and have now had it installed at my home as well. I just feel much fresher, really an invention
    Joyce de Rijk, The Hague.

  • After a bowel movement I advise my patients to clean with water (without soap), because toilet paper alone is not enough and gives a greater chance of hemorrhoids or the tearing or pressing of blood vessels.
    Dokter Legemaat, The Hague.

  • Installed quickly and professionally, as agreed. Thanks!
    Chloe van D, Nieuwegein.

  • While on holiday in Dubai I had already seen such a system in our hotel room and at the time I thought it was strange that such a system was not available in the Netherlands. I was pleasantly surprised when I came across your site. Top product!
    Peter Kamerling, Eindhoven.