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Turn your toilet into a shower toilet | Do it yourself or have it installed
Install Bidet or Toilet shower on your own toilet

Connecting a shower toilet to a concealed cistern (wall toilet)

How do I install a shower toilet on an existing concealed cistern (wall toilet)?

This is a general instruction, always read the manual of your shower toilet completely before you start.

Of course we are always at your service for questions or assistance with the installation of your shower toilet or WC hand shower.

First, turn off the (main) water supply and flush the toilet. Then remove the push button from the built-in reservoir and unscrew the supply hose. Connect the T-connector (swivel T piece) between the water supply and the built-in reservoir. This coupling is included that you have purchased.

Connect an additional installation hose to the T-connector and guide the hose down the left side of the reservoir.

Now drill a round hole of about 4-5cm diameter with a (diamond) drill, guide the hose through this hole and connect it to the special wall plate that you → here can be found. Screw an angle stop valve into the wall plate and fix it to the wall with screws & plugs. The complete set for connecting a shower toilet to an existing concealed cistern can be found → here . Before connecting the supplied 3/8 1/2 inch bidet hose from the seat to the angle valve, turn on the water and flush the pipes and check for any leaks. Then close again of course. If this is OK, connect the hose from the bidet to the angle stop valve and open the stop valve. The water will now flow into the shower toilet and in the case of a powerless bidet shower or toilet hand shower, the water pressure will be on it. Always close the shut-off tap after use with a toilet hand shower. Furthermore, reattach the push button and connect the shower toilet to the mains. You must connect an electronic shower toilet to an earthed 230V power point. If you can't figure it out, send us a photo via whats app

Mounting a shower toilet on a standing toilet

How do I install a shower toilet on a floor-standing toilet?

Every bathroom or toilet situation is different, but you always follow the same steps for installing a shower toilet on a standing toilet.

Step-by-step plan: how to install a shower toilet on a standing toilet.

Note: This is a general step-by-step plan. Your own situation may differ.

Always read the manual of your Shower Toilet before you start.

First, close the (main) water pipe or the stop tap at the water reservoir and flush the toilet. Saw or cut the water pipe in half where the T-coupling should be. Then saw or cut again about 1.8 cm from one of the sides so that the T-coupling fits in between.

Sand off the burrs from the pipes and place the T-piece between the pipes. Depending on your pipe size, you need 3/8 or a 1/2 inch T-piece, we supply 3/8” as standard, but you can of course indicate this with your order if you need a different size, for example ½” (half inch) has.
It is recommended to place a stop tap between the T-piece and the hose to your shower toilet. Before screwing the supplied 3/8” installation hose from the shower toilet to the T-piece, you should turn on the water and rinse the pipes clean and check them for any leaks. Then turn off the water again, of course. If everything is in order, connect the hose from the bidet to the tee and open the shut-off valve or water pipe.
The water will now flow into the shower toilet and in the case of a powerless bidet seat, the shower toilet will be at water pressure. Finally, connect the shower toilet to the electricity network. You must connect the shower toilet to an earthed power point of 230V / 50HZ / 60HZ, the Dutch standard.

The Bidet Shower© system can be installed quickly and professionally for you

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