Breathtaking Design

The most recent Shower Toilet line from Axent: Axent.One.Plus Masterful design and state of the art technology. Operation, appearance, functionality. All aspects have been combined in a superior way in what can without exaggeration be called the most beautiful shower toilet on the market.

Stylish hygiene and modern service.

The multiple award-winning design of the AXENT.ONE is now even more timeless.
Elegant, curved lines and a harmonious surface blur the boundaries between shower toilet and design object.

Operable with just one hand movement.

The AXENT.ONE operation also contributes to a pleasant feeling. All functions and positions can be set with one rotary movement.

A new definition of water dynamics.

AXENT.Infinity has something against dirt, toilet paper and urine: probably the most efficient whirlpool in the world. The accelerated centrifugal force removes all residue quickly and reliably.
For a toilet that is always clean.

Axent won't leave you in the dark

Going to the toilet at night with bright light? AXENT.ONE will not wake you completely, but you will see enough. The built-in night light shows you the way, the lighting in the toilet does not have to be on.

Rely on the automatic activation depending on the light in the environment. You can also switch off the light accent completely.

Let yourself be convinced of the sublime functions

A design. Different features