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StarBlueDisc has guaranteed, the ultimate toilet block that you can use in, for example, the Geberit toilet block holder or a low or high-hanging reservoir.

100% biodegradable and with a guaranteed lifespan of at least 180 rinses (this is 2.5 weeks on average). The StarBlueDisc toilet block is not only economical to use, but also economical for your wallet.

The StarBlueDisc cubes weigh 50 grams and are guaranteed to last for 180 rinses (this is an average of 2.5 weeks). There is a water-soluble foil around each block, which dissolves completely and will not stick to the interior of your reservoir.

Color & Packaging

StarBlueDisc toilet blocks are available in different packaging:

  • Blue: six-month packaging and annual packaging

  • Green: semi-annual packaging and annual packaging
    12 toilet blocks are packed in the six-month package and 24 toilet blocks are packed in the annual package.

    As soon as you place a StarBlueDisc cube in the reservoir, it starts working. The block needs about 5 minutes to fully work in. If you flush the toilet after 5 minutes, you will receive a hygienic blue or green flush. StarBlueDisc not only cleans the toilet but also kills bacteria. When the water no longer gives off color, it is time to put in a new block.

    The StarBlueDisc cubes are free of phosphorus and heavy metals. The blocks are also biodegradable and do not contain any corrosive components.

Splashing from the toilet.

A toilet should not splash when flushed. If this is the case, there may be drops on the seat. Due to the dyes in the StarBlueDiscs, these drops can leave behind color when they dry. It is best to immediately wipe it off with some toilet paper, StarBlueDisc is not responsible for discolouration on the seat after drying. Various manufacturers of reservoirs have flow restrictors in their range, these ensure that the water enters the ceramic in an even flow, thus preventing splashing to some extent.

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