Ultieme reiniging vol slimme technologie: Het nieuwe GROHE Sensia® Arena-douchetoilet

Ultimate cleaning full of smart technology: The new GROHE Sensia® Arena shower toilet

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Our daily lives would be unimaginable without the smart technology that surrounds us from morning to night. Recently, new technologies have come onto the market to improve our well-being, even in private spaces such as the bathroom. At GROHE, the next step in this evolution is called "Intelligent Care": the new GROHE Spalet product category uses smart technologies to turn our most personal ritual into a refreshing and pleasurable experience. This range of state-of-the-art shower toilets combines the best of both worlds – German design and engineering on the one hand and Japanese spa culture on the other. The Sensia® Arena shower toilet takes shower toilets to a new level of purity and well-being: it offers perfect body care, ultimate hygiene and personalized comfort.

Wash or sweep?

The new Sensia® Arena not only guarantees optimum purity, but also looks good. The renowned GROHE Design Studio designed the seemingly weightless silhouette, which blends effortlessly with any bathroom design. In the design process, GROHE has been guided solely by the needs of the users and the determination to create a completely intuitive user interface. The result is a beautiful and streamlined bathroom element that immediately makes you feel comfortable.

Fully personalized care

The Sensia® Arena is all about personalization rather than standardization. All settings can be adjusted via the wall-mountable remote control or the control panel on the side of the seat – from the strength of the spray to the position of the spray, from the water temperature to the duration of the cleaning cycle. The shower toilet is equipped with a built-in water heater to provide unlimited amounts of hot water. The beam type and beam mode can also be adjusted to your personal preferences. From a standard shower to a lady spray or a double shower, from an oscillating spray to a massage spray - you can set up a refreshing cleansing routine to suit your needs. The Sensia® Arena is also ready for the digital future. Smartphone users can download the GROHE Spalet app. With this app one can program one's own preferences into individual profiles, so that every Sensia® Arena shower toilet anywhere in the world can automatically provide the desired care.

Safe and clean down to the last detail

The Sensia® Arena shower toilet is designed to be one of the cleanest places in your home. From the shape of the pot to the advanced coatings, everything is there to guarantee optimum purity and hygiene. The new GROHE AquaCeramic technology creates a smooth hydrophilic layer on the ceramic surface that prevents dirt and limescale from sticking to the pot. The advanced GROHE HyperClean surface also uses naturally antibacterial silver ions to prevent 99 percent of all bacterial growth. This keeps the ceramic pot almost effortlessly clean and bacteria-free.

Purity to the third power

The unique flushing of the new Triple Vortex® system contributes greatly to the ultimate hygiene of the Sensia® Arena. This system simultaneously flushes through three drains, creating a powerful vortex that leaves nothing behind. The rimless pot also makes cleaning easier and prevents splashes during the flush. At the same time, the highly effective Triple Vortex® system utilizes every drop, so that little water is used.

Every detail of the new shower toilet has been thoroughly thought through to ensure that the shower toilet remains hygienic during daily use. The spray arms are not only made of antibacterial material, but are also cleaned automatically before and after each use. In addition, the spray head can be easily replaced, so you can rest assured that your shower toilet will always be clean, even after years of use. When not in use, the spray arms are protected from debris behind a nozzle guard.

Unwanted odors don't stand a chance

A number of useful functions provide extra personal comfort. An innovative odor extraction system prevents unwanted odours. The air screen around the bowl seals the air in the shower toilet and a second opening sucks odors out of the bowl through a special carbon filter. The 'smart' character of the shower toilet is also expressed when the shower toilet detects the presence of a person and opens the lid automatically when one approaches. The lid also closes automatically after using the shower toilet without having to touch the lid. And at night you will be guided to the toilet by a soft night light