Toiletpapier gekte? De hygiënische oplossing ligt zo voor hand..

Toilet paper madness? The hygienic solution is so obvious..

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The Corona crisis has once again exposed the human tendency to hoard. Nothing new, but striking this time is where the priorities lie with the hoarding public.

With dot on number 1 is the toilet paper. Not an unimportant article, but not more important than food you would say. Apparently, anal hygiene is seen as absolutely crucial.

Of course we can only really appreciate that, because feeling nice and fresh and clean after a visit to the toilet is our Credo and is what Bidet shower stands for.

You don't have to compete with your fellow man in the supermarket to fill your shopping cart with as many rolls of toilet paper as possible. From now on you just let a hygienic jet of water do the dirty work; refurbish and feel

cleaner and fresher than you could achieve with 10 trolleys of toilet paper.