Showroom Primeur in Nederland. De Laufen RIVA

Showroom First in the Netherlands. The Laufen RIVA

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Laufen RIVA Shower toilet. Worth the wait

After Toto, Geberit, Villeroy & Boch and GROHE, it was inevitable that Supreme Closet Designer Laufen is launching its own shower toilet. The name immediately stimulates and raises expectations considerably: RIVA. Indeed, named after the iconic speedboat. Not that the RIVA will drive you off your toilet any time soon. On the contrary, the comfort, the solid feeling, the phenomenal appearance and last but not least: The perfect cleaning will turn your toilet visit into a pleasant wellness moment. A moment of rest after which you continue your day clean and fresh.

Laufen is very late in introducing its Shower Toilet, but with good reason. The idiosyncratic Swiss company draws its own plan and is not tempted by competition or hype to launch a product in a hurry. Like every Laufen toilet, this shower toilet has therefore undergone a long and meticulous development. The challenge of capturing technology in a design that should not compromise on beauty in any aspect is a perfect fit for Laufen. The RIVA has become the uncompromising answer to that challenge. And just a little while longer, and you can form your own opinion. Early next year, for example in our showroom where bidet has the Dutch retail scoop. And we emphatically invite you to visit us. Because the cleaning sensation that the RIVA offers you cannot be captured in words. You have to experience it. You're welcome.