Opmars van de Bidetdouche op RTL4

Advance of the Bidet shower on RTL4

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Primetime TV focuses on the increasing popularity of the DoucheWC in the Netherlands.

Still persistently referred to as 'Japanese Toilet', EditieNL paid attention to the DoucheWC last Monday. It is of course true that the DoucheWC is a Household item in Japan, but can now also be found so frequently in Dutch households that we no longer need to speak of a Japanese toilet. Certainly because all major European brands have each developed their own ShowerWC line in which the European flavor has been prominently implemented. So no bombastic design with many bells and whistles, but modest and sleek design, as we like to see it.

Take a look at the broadcast, it is definitely worth it. And if this makes you feel tempted to have such a beneficial shower toilet installed at home.. Then we are only a phone call or e-mail away!

Here you will find the link >> EditieNL Advance of the DoucheWC!