Onze Zuiderburen keuren de DoucheWC..

Our southern neighbors approve the shower toilet..

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Even more than the Dutch, a Belgian is conservative. Not impulsive and less easily rushed by the issues of the day than the Dutchman.

When it comes to a subject such as anal cleaning, just to call the animal by its name, you will have to be in good hands to convince a Belgian that this can also be done differently: A much more pleasant and hygienic way than wiping with piece of paper!

We at Bidet Shower have taken on that mission. From our beautiful DoucheWC Experience Center in Lommel, we try to let our fellow-linguists, and of course also Wallooners, discover the advantage and comfort of such a beneficial jet of water.

Fortunately, we do not go unnoticed. TV Limburg has subjected the Shower WC to a test and asks the question: 'Is such a Shower WC a luxury product or should it just be part of daily hygiene?' That question is answered in this broadcast, take a look at your leisure and when you are in the smallest room again, ask yourself the question 'Wouldn't I also deserve such a comfortable shower toilet or toilet shower?'