Het staat geschreven... DoucheWC Rukt op!

It's written... ShowerWC Coming up!

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If it is in the Telegraaf, then that is the moment when the Netherlands is apparently ready.

And that moment has arrived. A nice article about the advance of the DoucheWC! It is no longer an exotic item from warm countries or Muslim spheres of influence, but a Household item that is embraced by the Dutch consumer. And it will come as no surprise that we are delighted to watch this development at Bidet Shower. Of course also because we like to sell shower toilets, but there is more. Sincerely more. Because we don't like the use of a fresh cleaning jet of water for the often nor ever-sweeping consumer! This hygienic habit deserves to be discovered. Because you know what you've been missing all those years when your own toilet has been transformed into a DoucheWC. And such an article in the Telegraaf is of course very helpful. Read for yourself what the newspaper van Wacht Nederland has to say about this. A link to the article can be found here