DoucheWC revolutie in Nederland !

Shower toilet revolution in the Netherlands!

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The rise of the DoucheWC & Spalet

A true revolution is underway in the most hidden room of the house, the toilet. The old standard toilet is increasingly making way for the shower toilet. Logical, because the comfort of hygienic cleaning with warm water is unprecedented.
Completely at ease in a shower toilet

Take a step back in time. In the Middle Ages, people sat on a poo box. Literally and figuratively. Those who had it better off hung a toilet above the cesspool on the side of the house, the so-called convenience. But the principle was the same. The feces stayed where it was produced.

Later on, a sewerage system was created and the toilet with a water seal, or gooseneck, was introduced. However, major innovations in the field of toilet sanitary facilities were not forthcoming for years. Yes, a few were introduced to the bidet. But many in Northern Europe turned their noses up at that. That was more something for countries in Asia or Southern Europe.

Refreshing sound in the toilet!

Times change. The shower toilet is now being introduced in more and more Dutch households. Under the influence of the aging population, among other things, people are discovering the comfort of this type of toilet. The first time someone uses a shower toilet, it can feel a bit strange, such a tickling jet of water. But once the first discomfort is over, you're sold. Why on earth use your hand and toilet paper when a machine can do the job for you? We don't use a poo box anymore, do we?

Shower toilet: combination of toilet and bidet

In a shower toilet or shower toilet, a jet of water ensures the necessary hygiene. After the user has sat down on the seat and has relieved himself, a push on the button activates the cleaning mechanism.

A spray nozzle will then slide out of the inside of the toilet bowl – the end pointed at your butt. A warm jet of water then ensures that your lower body is neatly cleaned, without using a shred of toilet paper. For that reason, shower toilets are also seen as a sustainable variant of traditional toilet bowls.

Built-in hair dryer and other features

The basic form of a shower toilet is that in which your lower body is cleaned with warm water. But this toilet form is being expanded with more and more functions, such as

Heated toilet seat
Automatic cleaning of the seat after use
Soft close function that lowers the seat slowly
Pulsating water jet
Hair dryer that dries your lower body after using the shower toilet

Complete shower toilet or surface-mounted seat

A shower toilet can be purchased as a complete solution, but seats with a shower toilet function are also available. These can then be mounted on your existing toilet bowl.

At bidet you will find well-known shower toilet models and a range of toilet showers, both online and in the showroom.
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