DoucheWC op TV. Even tot hier item met Frans Bauer als ambassadeur van de DoucheWC in Nederland

Shower WC on TV. Until here item with Frans Bauer as ambassador of the DoucheWC in the Netherlands

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Full attention to the 'Japanese toilet' or the DoucheWC

in the 'Even tot Hier' program. The playful program of the VARA has wittily paid attention to the unstoppable advance of the DoucheWC in the Netherlands. Frans Bauer was made ambassador of the shower toilet in the Netherlands. An excellent choice because a shower toilet is already well on its way to becoming a household item in the toilet among the sanitary elite in the Netherlands.

But the large masses, the never 'sweeping' masses, also deserve to discover the hygiene and comfort of a shower toilet. And who better to draw attention to this than folk singer Pur Sang: Frans Bauer. Although he was jokingly put away in the broadcast as Frans de Bauter, his new version of 'Nooit meer Vegen voor mij' shows, in our opinion, how pleasant it is to use a shower toilet.

Look for yourself at the super humorous item, as broadcast in the program 'Even tot Hier' on the VARA. Item starts at 31:26 minutes.. and lasts about 5 minutes. Definitely worth taking a look. And if the next time you start working with toilet paper again, you are unconsciously humming the tune of Frans Bauer .. Then we are only an email or a phone call away to provide your toilet with such a wonderful shower toilet!

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