Douche WC of Papier? Wij wensen u een Fresh 2022!

Shower toilet or paper? We wish you a Fresh 2022!

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Why should you choose a SHOWER WC?

In the vast majority of countries in the world it speaks for itself: You clean yourself with water. We also do this in the Netherlands, we shower, we wash our car with water, we don't do the dishes with just the kitchen roll. We wash our hands (a lot nowadays) with water. Except in an intimate place. We use a sheet of paper for this. It may be one step further in evolution than ripping a leaf from a tree, but not much more than that.

Man is a creature of habit and it was created in our culture in this way and was certainly also fueled by the paper industry to consider this as a normal and hygienic way. And I, as an employee of Bidet Shower, am of course biased to tout cleaning with water, I immediately admit that. But like almost every Dutch person, I also grew up with toilet paper. And until I was 35, I did n't have the idea that that might not be so fresh. You are literally building a kind of tolerance to the consistently inadequate cleaning. You can take that quite literally, because you only notice the difference in cleanliness when you use water. It feels like taking a shower for the first time when you've spent the first half of your life keeping your body clean by wiping your skin with a piece of paper.

And once you are used to such a cleansing water jet .. Yes, there is no going back. Do you then arrive at a hotel, on the plane or along the highway in the unfortunate circumstance that you find a toilet with only a roll of paper. Then you notice the difference. Then you don't feel clean afterwards. Because neither are you. Then you immediately feel the difference between 'cleaning' with paper and cleaning with water.

So allow yourself that small adjustment in your toilet hygiene. You too will be convinced. There are very affordable solutions such as a toilet shower next to your toilet, or a pearl from Shower WC with all the luxury options and many models in between. But the basic hygienic difference is the water jet. You will appreciate that and you will become a 'believer' just like me!

Buy from us or from a competitor. Preferably with us, of course, but there is a slightly higher goal: to let all Dutch people experience the hygiene and comfort of cleaning with water. You will do yourself a huge favor with it, but also the environment, because the production of toilet paper has an enormous carbon footprint.

I wish you a Fresh 2022 on behalf of all employees of Bidet shower!