De definitie van een Bidet

The Definition of a Bidet

Bidet or Shower WC: Fundamentally different!

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What is a Bidet and what is a Shower Toilet?

Recent developments and innovations in the field of toilets that clean you with water have happened so quickly that there is not yet an unambiguous name in our language for a modern shower toilet.

A jumble of terms is used to designate a Shower Toilet, Toilet Shower, Bidet, Spalet, Japanese Toilet (You name it..).

Everyone knows the bidet and that is why a shower toilet is often referred to as such. But there is a world of difference. A bidet can be defined as a separate ceramic pot that is intended for washing the vagina. So not for cleaning the anus, although it is also frequently used for that. In addition, it is really a separate pot, next to the actual toilet, in which it is not possible to urinate or defile. A Shower WC is a real toilet, with integrated cleaning function. And the functions, which are fully automated. Don't 'help' with your hands, but let the ShowerWC do the work. Both cleaning and drying. Since the Shower WC was the first to break through in Japan, the term 'Japanese WC' is also often used. Although it is fair to say that the Shower WC concept was the first to be developed and patented in Switzerland. This is also the country in Europe where the shower toilet density is highest: about 25% of the households there have a shower toilet. By comparison, in the Netherlands it is now just 1% (1 in 100 households). The traditional bidet never made it in the Netherlands. It turned out to be too much hassle, took up too much space and, unlike in Italy or Spain, has always remained a peripheral phenomenon.

The DoucheWC, on the other hand, is conquering the Netherlands at breakneck speed. Apparently we wish for a little more comfort and luxury than a traditional bidet could offer. And the zeitgeist has changed. Personal hygiene has become much more important and due to the far-reaching internationalization more and more people have discovered the comfort of a shower toilet abroad. Conversely, Expats working in the Netherlands are not satisfied with just a sheet of paper. This is considered an incomplete and unhygienic cleaning. And we can't disagree with the latter, you'll understand. And you understand it even better if you have such a wonderful shower toilet (so no bidet) at your disposal. Because as all our customers, without exception, indicate: I've been missing that shower toilet for a while, without realizing it. That is also what I would like to convey in this blog text. You only appreciate a shower toilet when you have it. We know it, our customers know it, but you, perhaps still hopelessly fiddling with a piece of paper, may have yet to discover it. A shower toilet is not a bidet. The comfort and convenience cannot be compared. Not with a traditional bidet and certainly not with toilet paper. Treat yourself to this comfortable and fresh way of cleaning. We are of course always at your service for questions or an installation appointment.