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The image of the DoucheWC as a 'care item' or 'medical facility' is really a thing of the past. We now estimate that approximately half of the Dutch population is familiar with the modern DoucheWC and is even toying with the idea of ​​purchasing it. And the growing interest in DoucheWCs runs through all layers and groups of the population, from trend-sensitive Jetsetters to conservative people over 55. Now the modern shower toilet can no longer be compared with the bulky appliances of the past. Because the modern shower toilet surpasses even a regular wall-mounted toilet in beauty and design.

The NOS made an item about it last Easter weekend >>> Listen here in which Bidet shower was interviewed about the strongly developing DoucheWC Market in the Netherlands

Nowadays there are really beautiful shower toilet models on the market, equipped with all functions and yet very affordable. And once you have such a comfortable and really cleansing jet of water at home, yes you are sold. Sweeping with a piece of paper suddenly seems like something from the past. Something primitive and actually a bit dirty. So to be honest, we at Bidet Shower are surprised that the DoucheWC is growing in popularity, but it's not going much faster. Because everyone would like to have an article that makes a daily recurring action so much more hygienic and pleasant. Fortunately, it seems to be only a matter of time, because we grant the whole of the Netherlands a really fresh cleaning in the toilet. People don't change their habit easily, but in our 9 years of existence we have never seen a customer return to wiping with a toilet paper after purchasing a shower toilet. You just have to experience the convenience & hygiene of a water jet yourself, to be convinced.

In the NOS broadcast, a satisfied DoucheWC owner is interviewed and his story is characteristic of all our customers. Discovered the toilet with water purification abroad and when he returned home, it was all right again.

So if you're reading this and thinking, I'd like to add a water sample like that to my toilet too, the answer is: Yes, you want that. You may have to discover it, but fortunately you don't have to go abroad for that. From a few bucks you too belong to the sanitary Elite of the Netherlands!