Bidet en Douche WC op TV Limburg Belgie

Bidet and Shower WC on TV Limburg Belgium

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TV Limburg Belgium had taken note of our brand new DoucheWC Experience Center in Lommel, in the heart of the region.

Recently there has been a lot of media attention in Belgium (which we consider a new form in Western Europe) but what is actually the global standard: Cleaning with water after doing your business. Now it is true that many new options have been developed that were not there before. You will find all these options in our new Showroom in Belgium, and of course also in our Dutch showroom in Rijswijk (near The Hague).

Our General Manager Belgium, our dear colleague Philip Lewandowski, is asked in this broadcast about the advantages, possibilities and added value of such a sprinkler in your toilet. We could not have phrased it better in the Netherlands. Take a look at this broadcast and become a little wiser about the usefulness & comfort of a shower toilet. Because without exaggerating, your life can also become a lot more comfortable and hygienic, by simply adding a stream of water to your toilet!