Axent One Douchetoilet. Perfectie in DoucheWC design werd nog nooit zo dicht benaderd

Axent One Shower Toilet. Perfection in shower toilet design has never been so close

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Axent One Shower Toilet

Axent has many years of experience in the production of both ceramic and Shower WC components. Big names in the shower toilet market have been using the expertise & experience of Axent for many years. It was a logical step to use all that knowledge and expertise for our own DoucheWC line. Axent has taken that step and the result is nothing less than astonishing. The Axent One is breathtakingly beautiful and looks nothing like a traditional shower toilet. The design has a beauty that many 'normal' toilets do not come close to.

Axent has striven to develop a shower toilet with a rustic, understated appearance with the appearance of a regular wall-mounted toilet. The operation of the bidet functions has been kept as minimalistic as possible. All functions are therefore captured in one beautiful stainless steel button that offers a very natural and intuitive. You don't really need a manual to have the bidet cleaned exactly the way you want it. Of course, the absence of all kinds of buttons means that the beauty of the Axent DoucheWC in all its simplicity comes into its own much better.

From the end of November 2016 you can view the Axent One and One Plus in our showroom and of course see it working. has the Dutch retail scoop. You're welcome.