Alsof er nog geen redenen genoeg waren voor een hygiënische Douche WC!

As if there weren't enough reasons for a hygienic shower toilet!

The price of toilet paper, tissues and diapers threatens to rise because stocks of wood pulp have fallen sharply. So says the Brazilian company Suzano, one of the largest producers of pulp and paper in the world.

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The war in Ukraine is an important cause, according to CEO Walter Schalka of Suzano. Europe used to buy a lot of Russian timber, but since Russia invaded Ukraine, that trade has been almost completely blocked. Certain certificates of Russian timber have also been revoked.

European producers of wood pulp now make less of the raw material for paper and that will not change for the foreseeable future. Russian pulp makers are also struggling to continue producing, because they cannot obtain all the necessary materials. As a result, global pulp stocks are declining. "That could end up at a tipping point where shortages arise," says Schalka.

Then there is also a strong demand for paper and cardboard due to, among other things, the increased online shopping since the corona pandemic, which causes a price increase. The price for Chinese wood pulp has already risen 40 percent this year. Publishers of newspapers, newspapers, newspapers and magazines are also affected by the high paper prices.

Since paper is an essential commodity, especially tissues and toilet paper, demand is not expected to decline as prices rise. It is a new setback for consumers. Food and energy, among other things, became considerably more expensive as a result of the war in Ukraine. In addition, problems in the supply chain, due to, among other things, Chinese lockdowns, are driving up prices