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You are most welcome in our Showroom in Valkenburg Z-H
(between Wassenaar and Leiden), where you can see the Geberit AquaClean Mera shower toilet live and.... experienced!

Daily from 11:00 to 18:00 . Please call in advance for an appointment
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AquaClean Mera Comfort.. High End Shower WC from Geberit

The latest Geberit shower toilet fits emphatically but at the same time harmoniously into any bathroom design. Geberit AquaClean Mera raises the bar in all areas. It offers the highest standards of technology, design and comfort.

Visit the showroom and experience & compare the AquaClean Mera for yourself.

The sublime design of the AquaClean Mera is in no way at the expense of what a shower toilet is all about: ultimate cleaning and efficient drying. You can experience and compare these performances for yourself in our Shower Toilet showroom. The Whirlspay, for example, remains a marketing term until you experience it yourself. Even if you order your Aquaclean Mera online, you can count on immediate delivery, excellent customer service and the best price. Naturally, the installation of your AquaClean Mera is in good hands with Bidet shower. Within half a day, your current toilet is replaced by the best shower toilet on the market: Your own AquaClean Mera

You can extend your warranty period by 1 year free of charge Geberit Warranty

This is how you can operate the Mera shower toilet

You can operate the Geberit AquaClean Mera with a remote control, a wall control panel or the Aquaclean smartphone App:

You can operate the Geberit AquaClean Mera with a remote control, a wall control panel or the app:


Remote control

Geberit AquaClean Mera can be operated with the simple remote control.


Wall Mount Control Panel

In addition to the standard remote control, a control panel for wall mounting is also available for the Geberit AquaClean Mera. The control panel can be installed anywhere and can be screwed or glued to the wall without the need for a connection. The most important shower toilet functions can be operated easily. The control panel does not have to be taken into account during the design phase, because it runs on batteries and is connected to the shower toilet functions via bluetooth. The control panel has a glass surface that is easy to clean and is available in white or black.

Geberit AquaClean App

The new Geberit app offers another simple and uncomplicated way of operating the AquaClean Mera. The app has both a remote control function and a host of other setting options. For example, it can be used to take your personal settings with you when traveling and to apply them to other AquaClean Mera WCs. The app can be downloaded for free in the iTunes App Store and the Google Play Store.

Geberit AquaClean Mera.. Exceptionally brilliant!

Convincing arguments:

  • The Geberit AquaClean Mera achieves a new level of comfort because advanced technology and stylish design complement each other perfectly.
  • The patented WhirlSpray shower technology ensures a thorough cleaning and at the same time a pleasant shower experience with lower water consumption.
  • The hybrid hot water system, which consists of a combination of a permanent instantaneous water heater and a boiler, provides an extra powerful and permanent hot water supply.
  • The innovative TurboFlush flush technology, combined with the asymmetrical geometry of the rimless ceramic, makes it possible to flush the toilet very thoroughly and silently.
  • The toilet lid that opens and closes automatically, discreet orientation light, a heating system for the toilet seat and the integrated odor extraction are controlled by the detection sensor.
  • All technical components are completely integrated in the WC.

AquaClean Mera Specifications:

  • Hybrid hot water system with instantaneous water heater and hot water heater
  • Anal shower with WhirlSpray shower technology with dual shower heads
  • Separate Lady shower in protected rest position
  • Water temperature adjustable
  • Shower spray strength adjustable in 5 levels
  • Shower arm positionable in 5 steps
  • Oscillating shower (automatically adjustable forward and backward movements of the shower arm)
  • Shower head is cleaned with clean water both before and after the shower
  • descaling program
  • Rimless WC ceramics with TurboFlush flushing technology
  • Ceramic with anti-fouling surface
  • User Detection
  • Ceramic honeycomb filter for odor neutralization, exchangeable without tools
  • Odor extraction with run-on function
  • Switchable warm air dryer
  • Hair dryer arm extendable
  • Temperature of the warm air dryer adjustable
  • WC seat with a fast-heating WC seat heater
  • Temperature of the WC seat heating adjustable
  • Seat and lid with 'soft close' mechanism
  • WC lid with SoftOpening
  • Touch-free opening and closing of the toilet lid
  • Orientation light activation on approach
  • Orientation light adjustable in seven colors
  • Functions and settings via remote control
  • Four programmable user profiles
  • Water connection on the left side hidden behind the toilet ceramic
  • Mains connection with pull-out three-wire sheath cable
  • External water connection, left side with accessories possible
  • External power connection with socket on the right possible
  • Approval according to 1717 / 13077

A masterpiece of function and design

A shower toilet that fits into any bathroom environment and is packed with revolutionary technology. Geberit AquaClean Mera is a masterpiece that stands for enjoying comfort and luxury. The WhirlSpray shower technology ensures a thorough and pleasant cleaning with a fast and continuous supply of hot water. Additional features include the patented TurboFlush flush technology, an orientation light, a toilet lid that opens and closes automatically, a toilet seat with integrated heating and odor purification.

Geberit AquaClean Mera Classic and Comfort offer these basic functions:

  • WhirlSpray douchetechnologie

    WhirlSpray shower technology provides particularly thorough and immediate cleaning.
  • Rimless toilet ceramic with TurboFlush flush technology

    The TurboFlush flush technology is based on a rimless toilet ceramic with an asymmetrical internal geometry, which makes it possible to flush the toilet very thoroughly and silently.
  • Remote control

    The controls are extremely responsive. The Shower WC reacts immediately and without delay. Preset personal preferences are accessible with the click of a button.
  • Remote Control App

    Simple operation also via smartphone. Access your personal settings wherever you are. Even if you are not at home, but for example in a hotel that has an Aquclean Shower Toilet, the Shower Toilet will immediately recognize and adopt your personal preferences.
  • The shower arm position can be set individually 

    The shower spray strength and spray arm position is adjustable using a five-point scale based on requirements.
  • Oscillating shower

    By gently moving back and forth, the bidet shower spray provides an exceptional feeling of cleanliness. You do not have to correct your body to have the right places cleaned: your Aquaclean Bidet-Toilet does this for you.
  • Separte Ladydouche

    For optimal cleaning of the intimate female zone.
  • Hot air dryer

    For pleasant, mild and warm drying. The temperature can of course be adjusted to your level of comfort.
  • Odor purification

    Unpleasant odors are immediately and automatically removed. Very effective because the air is sucked away at the source and air is prevented from escaping from the closet.
  • User Detection

    Functions such as odor purification and heating of the toilet seat start automatically when you sit on the toilet. Here too, the operation can be adapted to your preferences.
  • Toilet lid with SoftClosing

    Toilet seat and lid open and close gently.
  • descaling function

    The fully automatic descaling program provides reliable information about when to start descaling.

Additional comfort functions of the Geberit AquaClean Mera Comfort

  • Heated toilet seat

    Activated by the proximity sensor, the ergonomic toilet seat is heated as you approach. Unlike competing models, this happens at lightning speed.
  • Orientation lighting in various colours.

    The discreet orientation light serves as a beacon at night. If your eyes are not yet used to bright light at night, the Aquaclean Mera Comfort offers you enough light to comfortably find your way to the toilet.
  • Automatic actuation of the toilet lid

    The automatic actuation of the toilet lid is activated by the proximity sensor. The lid opens and closes automatically. Action radius can be set so that your shower toilet only opens when desired.



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